Tierney Recruiting Services started working in the Healthcare industry in 2016, most recently placing a general counsel and a senior HR executive at two of the top insurers in the nation. We have grown our relationships and networks to easily address your needs. Add that to our proprietary process and you will see why Tierney Recruiting Services is one of the most successful executive recruiting agencies in the healthcare space today.

Are you prepared to adapt to an aging industry?

1 %

of existing insurance industry professionals are set to retire.

1 %

of insurance industry professionals are over age 45, and will also soon retire.

1 %

In five short years, 75% of the workforce will be Millennials.
The industry needs to attract them now.

The Unique Healthcare Challenge

Healthcare recruiting is different from all other recruiting due to a combination of unrivaled demand and a shortage of available talent. Statistics show this problem will persist for a decade or more. To overcome this, both you and your executive recruiter will need to be aggressive, adaptable, and extremely creative in he years to come.

Luckily, that’s how Tierney Recruiting Services has always done business (we do have a 97% client retention rate after all).

Over nearly 25 years, Tierney Recruiting Services has made placements during both rocky and booming economies, been a valuable partner as volatile markets’ needs varied quarter-to-quarter, and internally helped set and build anew hiring best practices.

With all of our Healthcare clients, we promise to:

    • Be Aggressive in sourcing, evaluating, and locking up potential placements in the challenging marketplace
    • Remain Adaptable and advise our partners on competitive salaries, benefit programs, and broader community engagement to attract and retain your employees.

    • Creatively Approach how future recruits experience your brand and see their place with you while helping you focus on nurturing them once they’ve come on board.

What our healthcare clients are saying.


If you’re looking for a Healthcare recruiter, we want to talk to you. Please contact us to learn how Tierney Recruiting Services will help you meet your goals. We look forward to working with you!

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